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I like that all of their products are made of sustainable bamboo. Bamboo is very fast growth, stable and resistant to environmental influences. It’s also easy to grow without the use of harmful pesticides or fertilizers, and artificial irrigation is usually not necessary. Bamboo has extremely dense cell structure, which is why it is also characterized by high surface hardness and very durable material.

Their handmade jewelry production is carried out locally in Berlin and they grow all the raw materials in their own garden. That’s a real local manufacturing.

The packages are made from recycled materials and they encourage picking up products directly from the store.

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Eco-friendly restaurant at beautiful location.

I gathered the following information from their website. I understood that they also publish a sustainability report, but I couldn’t locate it.
River Cafe operate with the Ocean Wise organization at the Vancouver Aquarium. They often get raw materials for the restaurant directly from fishermen. They also grow some of the greens offered in the restaurant themselves, such as berries, herbs and flowers. This contributes to building responsibility, for example in the form of reducing the energy used in transportation and storage.

According to their website, they have succeeded in reducing landfill waste by more than 30% compared to a typical restaurant through composting and recycling initiatives. They utilize the Blaine PEL recycling (a ‘one-stop’ pickup service that delivers material to various collection points and composting facilities).

All of River Café’s paper products in the office, at the point of sale, toiletries and hand towels are environmentally friendly products. In 2011, they achieved their goal of using only 100% compostable materials in all takeout and catering supplies.

They use 100% green energy in our operations – wind generated electricity and green gas. They also use electricity-saving combs. For example, the ‘Lights off’ campaign in the dining room during the day.

River Café is a LEAF-certified restaurant. LEAF offers an independent assessment by a certified environmental auditor in 10 categories: Food, supplies, energy consumption, construction, furniture, chemicals, waste and recycling, employees and employee health policy, and innovation. LEAF brings easy-to-apply recommendations to promote sustainability.
I think it’s great that the restaurant invests so much in sustainability. Of course, there’s still a lot to be done, but it’s important to understand that the world doesn’t change overnight. At least from me, big thumbs up for eco-friendly restaurant.