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... Adelphie is selling only fashion brands produced responsibly. On their website, they generally talk extensively about the company’s operations and ethical business practices. For example, they have their own program called “ 360,” which has been developed by professionals in the sustainability field. 360 is a process evaluated by experts that gives both fashion brands and customers a reliable view of brand sustainability when buying clothes. The validation offers brands an overall understanding of their responsibility while helping customers find clothes that match their values.

They lay out a 5-step process for how a clothing brand’s products can make their way into their store. For example, in step 2, a fashion brand must commit to a minimum level of responsibility, the “8 promises.”

The materials and items of the brands at have received various certificates to show that they meet certain responsibility standards. A few examples are STANDARD 100 BY OEKO-TEX, THE GLOBAL ORGANIC TEXTILE STANDARD (GOTS), and RESPONSIBLE WOOL STANDARD (RWS).

They have criteria and their general fulfillment rates visible in a graph. For instance, “Working conditions & labor” or “transparent value chain.” Value chain is quite high on their list, at 95% fulfillment.

They also go into detail about what “working conditions & labor” means in practice and how the criteria fulfillment percentage is calculated. As examples, they mention that all of their brand partners have committed to safe working environments. Some brands have certificates to ensure audited production and safe working conditions. However, not all of these certificates, like GOTS or BSCI, currently cover living wages. Only working conditions.

Conveniently, they also have their own page about the materials used in production and their sustainability. They mention on their website that “The minimum criteria we require from brands for materials in our Sustainability Framework for Fashion are that the origin of each material is known and the products are designed for long-term use.” The information about materials is interesting to read; you should definitely check it out ( has very well and transparently explained their operations, and you get the impression that they striving to act responsibly and drive the whole industry in that direction. If you want to buy sustainable fashion, I definitely recommend this place 🙂