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Humbuugi uses recycled materials to make its products and all of it’s products are handmade. They use leftovers from other companies to make their products and this way nicely promote environmental issues. They have also received an award for this great business idea of ​​responsible entrepreneurship.

Humbuugi’s products have the “Avainlippu” and “Design from Finland” badges.

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Valkoinen Puu has been awarded the Ekokompassi certificate in 2021, which supports the company’s development in environmental matters. Most cafes don’t have one. This environmental system brings them more practical tools from the perspective of personnel training, waste management, procurement, energy consumption and biodiversity. In addition to Ekokompassi, they have also started working with the Sustainable Travel Finland program.

They clearly explain the company’s responsibility-related activities and goals on the web pages. In the Sustainability section there is also a fun map of local production collaboration sites they use. You can also find a description of the activities of the partners in question.

From the data protection point of view, their website has a detailed description of the different types of cookies their website uses. You don’t often see such a comprehensive list, even at larger companies. There are some ambiguities in the privacy statement, however. For example, in the section “Where we send your data” it is only stated generally that “visitor comments may be checked through an automated spam detection service”, but it doesn’t tell what the automatic spam service is. In addition, some sections do not describe at all how to handle the matter beyond the title (for example “How we protect your data”). Minus points for this in terms of governance.

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No info about ethical practices even when asked. There’s really no information about ethical practices on their website. Tried to ask them about it via contact form but haven’t received any answer. It’s been couple of weeks now. I think transparency is mandatory these days so therefore rating only one star.

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Best scores two times a row in Eetti’s sustainability report!

On Frenn’s website, you can find very comprehensive information about their responsibility program and other ethical activities. Responsibility has been part of the basic ideas of their business since the beginning. The country of manufacture of each product as well as the name and address of the partner factory are openly stated on the website (list here: All factories work according to EU water waste and recycling regulations. The products use high-quality and eco-certified materials made in Europe, which can withstand time and use. FRENN clothes have a lifetime manufacturing guarantee (rare for clothes) and are easy to repair and recycle.

FRENN has twice in a row received the best points for ethical trade in Eetti ry’s responsibility comparison. The comparison examined the climate, environmental and human rights work and transparency of 35 Finnish clothing brands. In 2021, Frenn scored up to 26/29, being clearly the first in the comparison. Eetti is a non-governmental organization that promotes fair world trade, sustainable production methods and responsible consumption.

All online shop orders are mailed with 100% recycled packaging bags made of recycled material, which make it easy to handle both shipments and possible returns.

Because the products are manufactured in low-risk countries nearby, EU legislation guarantees human rights and proper wages.

At FRENN office and store in Helsinki, they use 100% renewable electricity made from wind power and/or bio energy, certified by EKOenergy label. They recycle all paper, cardboard, bio and plastic waste according to Finnish waste recycling regulations. They use the possible Leftover materials for accessories like ties, caps and bowties and all the rest is recycled and disposed of by our manufacturing partners according to EU environmental legislation.

All in all, it’s great to see such a responsible company in the clothing industry!